Love Story

May 19, 2008

Do you remember silky sands of Juhu beach,

where we heard songs of the whispering winds

and melancholy melody of the watery waves.


That day we had come close, closer and closer –

till your minty breath had mingled with mine…

Do you recollect that cold night of rhapsody

when I had accepted the silent invitation of your fiery arms

and later midst the damp sheets –

that musky fragrance lingered

that was neither your nor mine,

but it was of the infinite union of our bodies and souls…


Now, when I think of those golden old days

we spent together,

my eyes blur with salty saline-water

and clandestinely I count the teardrops

that fall on the sultry pages of

our forgotten love story…


Copyright ©2008 Bharat B. Trivedi


Wind whispers melodies –

in the clustered ears of wind-chime

to create gentle jingling lullabies.

Stars dangle like shiny lanterns

from the ceiling of midnight sky,

while majestic moon paints

a collage of silvery images

on the canvass of mosaic earth.


Coaxing cries

of proud passionate peacocks

mating with peahens in heat and

eerie screeches of cicadas

outside the draped window panes

shatter the night’s silence.

Fireflies buzzing like sparklers,

hover around the dense green shrubs 

of sweet jasmine flowers,

bloomed in abundance.


We recline –

on dream-embroidered sheets,

eyes shut in glue-like slumber

bare bodies still warm like ashes of ember

soaked in the scents of our own sweat

locked in an amorous embrace.

Let us die, perhaps tonight

in the arms of this exotic night –

to be reborn as first rays of

the morning sun!



Copyrght 2008 © Bharat B. Trivedi


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May 11, 2008

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